Kurginyan: PMCs in Africa cannot remain uninvolved in gray business

25.07.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Private military companies (PMCs) in certain African and Middle Eastern countries, along with their official activities, are involved in gray activities related to drugs, arms etc., the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on July 11 in his original broadcast Destiny.

The political scientist noted that PMCs working in African countries never keep within their claimed activities according to their contract. e.g. guarding of ships.

This is not the way they exist, it is boring to them, and it is impossible, one has to be quite far from understanding Africa to believe they could live like that. It is a place where collusion on an outlaw basis takes place in its worst form, i.e. bloody brilliants etc., and all the powders and other stimulating agents, and of course arms, Kurginyan explained.

The political scientist reminded about Viktor But’s case, who was convicted in the USA in 2012 for arms trade. According to the analyst, But’s mistake was that in Africa he worked not only for Russia but also for the US Republican Party, although Africa is the territory of the Democratic Party.

Sergey Kurginyan explained that only the Democratic Party can “steal and trade arms” in Africa, while the republicans do the same in Middle East. But violated this unspoken arrangement, and this is what he was punished for.

In Syria, and especially in Africa, “all this begins to live according to phenomena that I call ‘shadow.’ This is the way it lives, it cannot live differently, and it does not want to live differently,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency