Acting governor of Zaporozhye region: Entire Ukrainian units begin go surrender on Zaporozhye direction

24.07.2023, Melitopol.

The Ukrainian fighters on the Zaporozhye direction are surrendering en masse in groups of up to a platoon, the region’s acting governor Yevgeniy Balitskiy said on July 24 on air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“I can say that over the last, say a month, the enemy has started to surrender,” he noted.

Balitskiy emphasized that now, not one or two people at a time, as it used to be, but entire units are surrendering. Companies have not surrendered yet, but whole platoons have already been reported.

The head of the Zaporozhye region emphasized that the Russian troops held the defense. They have high morale, the politician assured.

Balitskiy said that all the prisoners of war are held with dignity. There are no beatings or torture.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency