Orban announces new data on the refusal of Western companies to leave Russia

23.07.2023, Hungary.

Western companies have actually recognized that the Russian economy has kept in touch with the world economy and remained to work in Russia despite sanctions. M1 TV channel reports that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaking to students said it on July 22.

Orban pointed out that only 8.5% of the “largest” Western companies have left Russia. The rest continue to work and pay taxes to the budget. The payment for 2022, according to Orban, amounted to $3.5 billion.

The business behavior of Western companies in Russia is monitored by the Kiev Higher School of Economics resource LeaveRussia, which accuses Western companies of financing military aggression.

According to the Ukrainian resource, 3354 companies received profit from operations in Russia before the start of the SMO, and 258 companies (7.7%) completely left the country during 2022. 1396 companies continue operations without changes (41.6%), the rest are in intermediate states: 158 have suspended investments (4.7%), 357 are reducing operations (10.6%), 703 have frozen operations (21%), and 482 are “in the process” of leaving the country (14.4%).

The source of data for Ukrainian analytics is the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, open information of the Bank of Russia, Federal Tax Service.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency