Russian embassy: USA responsible for cluster munition attack on Russian journalists in Ukraine

22.07.2023, Washington.

The death of Russian correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev confirmed the nullity of US assurances that the Ukrainian armed units will use cluster munitions “selectively and responsibly,” the Russian Embassy in Washington wrote on July 22 on its official Telegram channel.

“US officials assured the world community that the Ukrainians will use these means ‘selectively and responsibly.’ The nullity of these words is obvious to everyone. The use by the Kiev regime of cluster-type weapons against the civilian population confirms: Washington is losing control over its puppets,” the statement reads.

The embassy draws attention to the fact that Washington sent cluster munition to Kiev, which “Ukrainian radicals use against cities and towns” of Russia, “destroying the homes of civilians.”

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are so desperate because of the dire situation on the front that they are going to the most atrocious acts. Wipe their feet on the pseudo-promises given to overseas puppeteers,” the commentary specifies.

Diplomats believe that the USA, which supplies Ukraine with military equipment, other weapons and even banned cluster munitions, is fully responsible for prolonging the confrontation between the two countries and increasing new casualties among civilians.

The Russian diplomats had no doubt that Zhuravlev was “a true hero of our time” who “fearlessly covered the crimes of the Kiev Nazis and did much to make the world learn the truth about the incredible evil that the Russian Federation is fighting in a special military operation.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency