Czech newspaper surprised that Ukrainian refugees going on vacation to Ukraine

13.07.2023, Prague.

Ukrainian refugees are traveling from the Czech Republic to their homeland for a vacation, the Hlavné správy newspaper wrote on July 13.

According to the newspaper, tickets from the Czech Republic to Ukraine for July and August are sold out. The newspaper claimed that many refugees were going to their home country for a vacation.

Politician Marek Kurta said that he had never heard of anyone going on vacation in a war zone. He doubted that the Ukrainian citizens who came to his country were really refugees.

“How can you call those who go on ‘vacation’ to the country they fled from as war refugees? And they received the benefits of refugee status, didn’t they?” Kurta posed questions.

According to the newspaper, about 320 thousand Ukrainian refugees are in the Czech Republic now.

According to the UN, 8,046,560 refugees left Ukraine as of January 31. Most of them moved to Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency