Judge in The Hague condemned for alternative view on MH17 case

12.07.2023, The Hague.

A written reprimand was issued to a judge working as an advisor at The Hague court for distributing a book with an alternative scenario on the MH17 case among the colleagues, NOS channel wrote on July 11.

According to the channel, the disciplinary measure is rarely applied to the judge. The Supreme Court decides on this issue.

The judge’s brother is the author of a book in which he claims that MH17 flight was not shot down by a Russian missile in 2014, and its crash was the work of special services. With his book, he wanted to attract other prosecutors to the case, who would focus on other suspects.

The judge said the factual findings of the MH17 investigation were a “deliberate and transparent cover-up” and called some of the data presented at the trial “manipulation and lies.”

According to the Supreme Court, the advisor wanted to influence the judges involved and the course of the MH17 trial, thereby undermining confidence in the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

The ruling states that the judge is free to express his or her opinion but must take into account that it does not compromise the judiciary. The judge was reprimanded in writing and transferred from the criminal division to another.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency