Kurginyan about Prigozhin: “One can’t count gossipmongers without being critical to oneself”

03.07.2023, Moscow.

The unbridled populism demonstrated by Yevgeniy Prigozhin, who criticizes the oligarchy being himself a part of it, is dangerous for the country, philosopher, political scientist, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on June 30 on the Conversation with a Sage program on Radio Zvezda.

“You can speak about this reality any way you want. But one can’t ‘count gossipmongers without being critical to oneself.’ All are the oligarchs except the chief of the restaurant chain? But where does the money come for carrying out this ‘wonderful occupation’?” Kurginyan noted.

According to the expert, Prigozhin is a talented organizer, and a brilliant PR person who voices a certain meaningful position.

“But you can’t overdo this. You can’t exaggerate. Or be consistent: go to a monastery, give all your fortune to the poor, walk naked and barefoot,” Kurginyan pointed out the inconsistency of Prigozhin’s position.

Kurginyan reminded that Yeltsin demonstrated similar populism in 1990, when he went by streetcar and wore cheap Russian-made shoes. But then a monstrous system of hierarchy was created within the official class, with which the Brezhnev system could not be even compared.

“It all starts with populism and ends with who knows what,” Kurginyan stressed.

“It is not allowed to play this populist note in relation to this reality! One can’t do this, especially being part of this whole thing! You have to understand that, at least, if you reproach someone for something concerning children, then you have to be blameless. Or don’t touch upon the subject! Just don’t touch upon it! Isn’t there anything else to discuss? Why do you have to change the goals [of the special military operation – translator’s note]? Don’t you see that Azov (organization banned in Russia) is on that side and that Nazism really exists there?” the leader of the Essence of Time movement stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency