Russian artillery crews attack two brigades of Ukrainian armed units, destroying IFVs

30.06.2023, Moscow.

Artillery crews of the Center Army Group attacked units of two Ukrainian brigades and destroyed two infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), the group’s press center chief Aleksandr Savchuk told RIA Novosti on June 30.

He said that units of the 63rd and 42nd mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian armed units were moving on vehicles near the village of Torskoye near Serebryansk forestry in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic temporarily occupied by the Kiev regime. Their movement was spotted, and an artillery strike was launched against the enemy.

“Two infantry fighting vehicles and three pickup trucks were destroyed, and significant losses among personnel were reported,” Savchuk said.

In addition, he reported a strike of the crew of the rocket launcher Smerch on the Ukrainian manpower and weaponry amassed. The artillery crews also destroyed two enemy D-30s, IFVs and pickup trucks while the group’s aviation struck eight areas where enemy troops and guns were concentrated.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency