Head of Berlin’s Pankow district calls the Soviet memorial a “mockery”

30.06.2023, Berlin.

The memorial to Soviet soldiers in Berlin is a “mockery,” said the head of Berlin’s Pankow district Cordelia Koch, the newspaper Tagesspiegel wrote on June 27.

The Pankow neighborhood is home to one of Berlin’s three major Soviet memorials. Koch argues that the memorial no longer corresponds to the spirit of the times. According to the politician, the Soviet soldiers who died in World War II are in the past.

Koch suggested that explanatory stands be attached to the monuments in the spirit of today. Head of thePankow district specifically points to the Stalin quote engraved on one of the monuments, which glorifies the Red Army as “the fighter for the equality of peoples.”

The metropolitan official saw this quote as “mockery” of Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency