Kurginyan: Russia will not be able to stand firm on the Black Sea without Odessa

23.06.2023, Moscow.

Russia will not be able to stand firm on the Black Sea until it takes Odessa and Nikolaev under its control, political scientist, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergei Kurginyan said on June 9 on the program Conversation with a Sage on Radio Zvezda.

“A geostrategy is emerging. We do not exist within the framework of this single special operation in Ukraine or macro-conflict only. We exist in a global context,” Kurginyan said.

According to him, there is an issue with the Baltic Sea, which is under the control of NATO to a great extent. He noted that Sweden and Finland have been oriented toward the United States before, but joining NATO is a different matter. There is also the Black Sea, which must be held, the political scientist stressed.

“First and foremost, we must create a different navy. But, on the other hand, until we take the Black Sea part [of Ukraine – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s comment] under our control, we cannot really stand on the Black Sea. We cannot stand firmly on the Black Sea without Odessa and Nikolaev and other essentially pro-Russian territories,” the political scientist is convinced.

In his opinion, it is vital for Russia to stand firmly on the Black Sea, and without this firm position, Russia will not be able to hold its Caucasus.

“So, we need to have a different navy and a different territory. We desperately need this southern Ukraine in the form of Novorossiya and something else. Desperately!” the philosopher noted.

Kurginyan also stressed the importance of the issue of Transnistria:

“There is already an official statement that any attempt by the Ukrainians, together with the pro-Romanian Moldovans, to eliminate Transnistria will mean our intervention. Right? People there are waiting for us, and they don’t want Romania there at all.”

Kurginyan noted that Moldova will not exist the way it exists now, and in 10 years there will be no Moldova.

“There will be a great Romania, a sheep tossing in the middle and a pro-Russian part, if Russia withstands,” he explained.

“So we need to quickly shape everything that supports us and saturate it with all the possibilities. We need to change ourselves to be consonant with this frontier of ours, our narrative. And we need to slowly expand to attract the confused people who are frightened of Polonization, Romanization, I beg your pardon, and the radical Islamization similar to the ISIL [an organization banned in Russia – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s comment] and God knows what else,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency