Bild: Ukrainian armed units cannot resist Russian Air Force

23.06.2023, Berlin.

The armed units of the Kiev regime have nothing to counter Russian Air Force, the German newspaper Bild wrote on June 22.

“If the Russians attack us with helicopters from a distance of eight kilometers, we will have nothing to fight against them,” a Ukrainian fighter told reporters.

Ukrainian fighters also noted that Russian forces use precision airstrikes and rocket attacks, striking positions far behind the front lines to frustrate Kiev’s plans.

It is alleged that the Ukrainian armed units have neither their own aviation nor sufficient air defense equipment. Deliveries of Western equipment have only been able to provide weapons to 10-15% of the military. Sources on the front line state that they did not expect such slow progress.

The publication discussed a possible start of peace talks with Moscow if the Ukrainian offensive fails and the USA responds with more pressure. The author of the article described this scenario as “terrible.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency