Baykar postpones the opening of the plant in Ukraine

23.06.2023, Ankara.

Turkish company Baykar plans to complete the construction of a drone plant in Ukraine by 2025, Baykar’s CEO Haluk Bayraktar said, Turkish portal Yeni Akit reported on June 23.

“Construction work at Baykar’s local subsidiary in Ukraine, Avia Ventures LLC, is going according to plan, and the opening is scheduled for 2025,” the businessman said.

He noted that the company has received licenses from the Turkish government to produce Baykar TB2 and Akinci drones in Ukraine. The investment in the plant amounts to $95.5 mln.

It should be noted that in 2022 Bayraktar said the construction would be completed by 2024.

In 2019, Avia Ventures LLC was established to build the plant in Ukraine. In 2022, it received permission from the country’s government to export-import military products.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency