Kurginyan: The US is fighting for world domination in Ukraine

19.06.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The United States will never abandon Ukraine, as the final battle for world domination is taking place there, stated philosopher, analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in a new installment of the original program Destiny on June 6.

Kurginyan pointed to the US strategic mistake, which has led to a long-term war of attrition. By provoking Russia to enter a conflict with Ukraine, America was sure that Russia would collapse in a month, that the stores would empty, the currency exchange rate would collapse, the people would revolt and the army would refuse to fight, he explained. The reality was not what the Americans had hoped for.

The Americans can’t admit their mistake. They collapse in this case. Do you hear what Blinken says and everyone else repeats? “Any freezing of the conflict will be a win for the Russians,” Kurginyan said.

Since the expectation of a blitz has failed, the US has launched a war of attrition against Russia. This type of war involves pumping Ukraine with weapons, including the most modern ones, and money to maintain the budget. The analyst warned the Russian elite against vain hopes that the US might, under certain conditions, stop supporting Ukraine.

The chatter that they will become disillusioned with Ukrainian capabilities somehow, and then they will abandon Ukraine themselves. They will never abandon it! They cannot and do not want to leave it; this is not Afghanistan or Vietnam. I mean here what they call the deep state, the core of the American elite. Why would they do that?!” – the philosopher stressed.

In Kurginyan’s view, the fate of the entire world is now being decided in Ukraine: “This is the final battle of the struggle for world domination.

He pointed out that in such cases no one counts money. “There is more at stake than tens of trillions. The power over the world is at stake,” added the Essence of Time leader.

To add, on March 28, at the second summit for democracy, US State Department head Anthony Blinken said, “I think, we all have to be very much aware and beware of what may seem to be well intentioned. Efforts, for example, to call for ceasefires, which would potentially have the effect of freezing in place the conflict, allowing Russia to consolidate the gains that it’s made, and simply use the time to rest and refit, and then re-attack.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency