The West intends to create a new source of tension out of Moldova. Opinion

18.06.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The West will create new hotbeds of tension around Russia, and Moldova is the first candidate for this role, according to a summary from the war theater of the Essence of Time newspaper, No. 537.

The Moldovan authorities are consistently pursuing an anti-Russian policy. Thus, at the end of May, President Maia Sandu announced that an anti-Russian information center would appear in Moldova.

The European Union actively supports this behavior of Moldova, while at the same time claiming that Transnistria is “occupied” by Russia. In addition, the EU is providing Moldova with 1.6 billion euro in financial assistance, and Poland is sending a large amount of weapons and ammunition to Chisinau.

Director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov said in early June that the West is actively inciting Moldova to participate in the conflict in Ukraine and to carry out subversive activities against Belarus.

Since the collective West failed to defeat the Russian army and break the economy with a rush, the US and its allies will create new hotbeds of tension on Russia’s borders, dragging foreign contingents into this funnel as much as possible. “Moldova, with its European aspirations and openly pro-Western president, is the first candidate for this role,” says the editorial in the Essence of Time newspaper.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency