“Red lines” will not prevent the West from opening all fronts against Russia. Opinion

18.06.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The West is not going to stop at any “red lines” in its desire to destroy Russia, says Yury Byaly, vice president of the Experimental Creative Center, in the article “The Decisive War” published in the Essence of Time newspaper on June 11.

Thus, “Ukraine has long been receiving the latest and ever more powerful weapons from the United States and Europe, and at the same time the most advanced satellite intelligence and targeting. For example, the latest deliveries of hundreds of Storm Shadow complexes to the Ukrainian army from Great Britain – modern Anglo-French small-sighted, high-precision and high-speed (up to 1100 km/hour) air-launched cruise missiles, which can be carried by the Russian modernized Su-24 and Su-27 bombers, which Ukraine possesses“.

According to the expert, these systems are comparable to the Russian Kalibrs in their range and charge mass. In addition, a huge number of extremely toxic artillery shells with depleted uranium cores have also been supplied to Ukraine, as shown by the bombing of Serbia.

According to the expert, our opponents do not intend to stop at any “red lines” in their desire to destroy Russia.

That is, it is not Ukraine that has been at war against Russia for a long time, but the entire collective West. So far it is not at it’s full strength, but it is only so far. And it is already preparing, using and ‘probing’ all the ‘fronts’ of the big war – political, economic, social, psychological, cultural, cyber and so on. Of course, including conventional war, and then, perhaps, nuclear or biological. All these “fronts” are gradually and steadily “heated up” and put into action, “- believes Byaly.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency