Kurginyan: Russia’s incredible power saved it before and it must save it in the future

15.06.2023, Moscow.

Only the incredible power of Russia, which deters the power of the West, must save our country in the future, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on June 6 in a new issue of his author’s broadcast Destiny.

According to the political scientist, the only thing that ever saved Russia could and must save it in the future, and this is “the incredible power of Russia.”

Incredible! The one that we would have had if we had avoided the denounciation of Stalin’s personality cult and if we had continued to develop according to Stalin’s rationalized models after 1953 and up to 1983, over thirty years, while always maintaining and improving our spirit of militarization.

Kurginyan added that Russia is an abnormal country and that “it can only exist as an abnormal country.”

It is too great, its organization is not rational enough. It contains enormous natural resources. It is grossly underpopulated. Do you want to live in it? Live in an abnormal way and be happy. As for me, I am happy. And the more abnormal life is, the happier I will be, the philosopher said.

He noted that a normal life is impossible in Russia, and the dream about a normal life is senseless.

All the crap about changing the Russian sociocultural codes is a provocative nonsense. If you want to live a normal life please go to places where they live like that. It will never happen here, Kurginyan said.

According to the political scientist, the world could be stable and evolving if Russia’s incredible power deterred the power of the USA and the West.

If such a mutual deterrence formed based on huge potentials, then we would have peace. But as soon as the potential called the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Treaty reduced, immediately after China was detached from us as a result of Khrushchev’s stupid anti-Stalin campaign, as soon as it reduced, a disbalance appeared,” Kurginyan said.

He added that after that the disbalance began to grow. And when the USSR collapsed, the West went mad.

We prompted them with our dramatic weakening,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency