Expert: India is trying to sit on two chairs

09.06.2023, Moscow.

In the conflict between the West and Russia, India takes a цфшештп attitude and expects to join the winner, says Yuriy Byalyi, vice president of the Experimental Creative Center, in his article The Decisive War published in The Essence of Time newspaper on June 4.

In his article, Byalyi described the positions of various countries toward Russian special operations in Ukraine and Russia itself. He paid special attention to India’s position.

“India tries to remain loyal to both Russia and the West, calls on Russia and NATO countries for ‘honest and sincere dialogue,’ and waits, expecting to join the winner,” Bialyi writes.

The analyst specifies that on the whole India assures Russia of allied relations. The Indians also express their willingness to switch to mutual trade in national currencies if necessary.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency