Ambassador: Central African Republic interested in deployment of Russian military base in the country

29.05.2023, Moscow.

The Central African Republic needs a military base of the Russian Federation on its territory, Ambassador of the Central African Republic Leon Dodonu-Punagaza said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper on May 29.

According to the diplomat, he voiced the request to host a military base for 5-10 thousand soldiers during his first meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. If necessary, these servicemen could be quickly redeployed to other countries.

“When I came and met Shoigu for the first time, I told him that instructors were a good thing. Because our country was the first in Africa to confront the French. But now we need a Russian military base that could house five to ten thousand soldiers,” Leon Dodon-Punagaza said.

On January 10, the US government expressed concern about the activities of the Wagner PMCs in Europe and Africa. In particular, we are talking about such countries as the Central African Republic, Mali and Serbia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency