Analyst names most powerful tool of the US for influencing other countries

28.05.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The United States has many tools to “persuade” other countries, said Yuri Byaly, vice president of the Experimental Creative Center, in his article “The decisive war” published in the Essence of Time newspaper on May 20.

Byaly noted that the US “arsenal of persuasion” against dissenters has many “major trump cards“. This is either financial assistance or its absence, trade preferences or restriction of trade sanctions, direct bribery or compromising of overconfident leaders.

The analyst also pointed to the huge network of totally controlled by the US media and Internet resources, which has a huge impact on the minds of citizens on all continents. In addition, the US toolkit also includes trained militant squads to overthrow unwanted governments.

But this is also (which is extremely important and is not always taken seriously!), an extensive network of human rights, religious, educational, social and so on NGOs, which are funded by the United States and NATO countries,” said Byaly.

He reminded that it was due to the involvement and funding of US and Western European NGOs that the most powerful attack on dozens of countries in the Middle East and Africa, called the “Arab Spring”, was performed in 2011.

It was the world’s first (and in general successful) attempt by the US and its allies to use controlled NGOs to create synchronized ‘controlled chaos’ in several huge macro-regions,” Byaly added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency