Ukrainian armed units used a US decoy missile to overload the air defense system during an attack on Lugansk

12.05.2023, Lugansk.

Ukrainian troops used US ADM-160B decoy missiles (ADM-160 MALD) in a strike on Lugansk, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote on May 12.

According to the information provided, fragments of this missile were found on the territory of Lugansk after the strike.

The purpose of such missiles is to distract air defense systems by simulating the flight of a fighter jet or cruise missile. Thereby the missile flying after the decoy reaches its target.

It is reported that the range of such a missile is at least 450 kilometers.

Earlier, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that London had given Kiev the Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missile with a range of 250-300 kilometers. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow reserves the right to neutralize the threats arising from the use of the UK cruise missiles by the Ukrainian armed units.

On May 12, the Polipak enterprise, which is located on the territory of the former Mashzavod 100, was hit by a missile attack. As a result of the strike, the administrative buildings of the inactive Polipak and Milam enterprises were destroyed and damaged. In addition, the windows of six residential buildings were broken. Earlier, it was reported that the attack on Lugansk with two missiles took place at 18:30.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency