Unknown persons destroy a Nazi memorial in Estonia on Victory Day

10.05.2023, Narva.

Criminal charges over the destruction of the Nazi memorial in the Estonian town of Sinimäe near Narva were brought by the Estonian police on May 9, ERR informs.

“This morning, a police patrol discovered that vandals had vandalized a total of three memorials in Sinimäe. On Grenadier Hill, three plaques had been overturned near the memorial, and one of them had been doused with paint. Three plaques to foreign legionnaires from World War II were stained with paint on the grounds of the Sinimäe Museum, and a memorial to fallen soldiers was overturned on the Tallinn-Narva road at Sinimäe,” Indrek Puvi, head of the Narva Police Department, said.

“Three memorial stones were destroyed in the place where the cross of the 20th Waffen SS Division stands. They have been completely destroyed. In addition, the vandals have doused with paint the memorial plates that are next to the local museum. These objects are about 700-800 meters apart,” this is how the ERR correspondent Sergey Stepanov, who arrived at the site, described what had happened.

Investigative measures are being taken at the site. In social networks, the incident is called a response of local “partisans” to the barbaric demolition of many Soviet monuments in the Pranarivie region.

The memorial complex in Sinimäe is a place of pilgrimage for Estonian neo-Nazis. Every year, events are held here to commemorate the bloodiest battle on Estonian territory, in which units with large numbers of ethnic Estonians participated on both sides.

It should also be noted that after the campaign announced by the Estonian government to destroy Soviet monuments, attacks on Nazi monuments established in the “Russian” region of the republic became more frequent. As a rule, it is a case of spray-painting, but this is the first time such a large-scale act of “war on monuments” has occurred.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency