Putin congratulates the citizens of Russia on Victory Day

09.05.2023, Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated citizens on Victory Day from the rostrum on Red Square before the start of the Victory Parade.

The main points of his address were:

– Today civilization is once again at a decisive, critical turning point. A real war has once again been waged against our homeland.

– Any ideology of superiority is inherently disgusting, criminal, and deadly. However, the Western globalist elites still talk about their exceptionalism, pitting people against each other and dividing societies. They provoke global bloody conflicts and coups. They sow hatred, Russophobia, aggressive nationalism. They destroy family, traditional values that make people human. They are doing this to continue to dictate their rules, to impose their will on the people.

– They seem to have forgotten what the insane Nazi claim to world domination led to. They have forgotten who defeated this monstrous, total evil, who stood up for their native land and did not spare their lives for the liberation of the peoples of Europe.

– Their goal, and there is nothing new here, is to achieve the disintegration and destruction of our country, to cross out the results of World War II, to break definitively the system of global security and international law, to strangle any sovereign centers of development.

– Excessive ambition, arrogance and permissiveness inevitably lead to tragedies. This is the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are experiencing. It has become a hostage of the coup d’état and the criminal regime of its Western masters, a bargaining chip in implementing their cruel, self-serving plans.

– It is very important that the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States member-states have gathered here in Moscow today. I see it as an attitude of gratitude to the feat of arms of our ancestors: they fought together and won together – all the peoples of the USSR contributed to the common victory.

– We are proud of the participants of the special military operation, of all those who are fighting on the front lines, who provide the front under fire, who save the wounded. There is no greater cause than your combat. The security of our country depends on you, the future of our statehood and our people. You are honourably fulfilling your military duty, fighting for Russia. Your families, children and friends are behind you. They are waiting for you. I am sure you feel their boundless love. The whole country has rallied to support our heroes. Everyone is ready to help, praying for you.

– During the Great Patriotic War our heroic ancestors proved that there is nothing stronger, more powerful and reliable than our unity. There is nothing in the world stronger than our love for our homeland. For Russia! For our valiant Armed Forces! For Victory!

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency