Kurginyan: A time to develop tight human relations has come

09.05.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The new informational situation leaves no alternative to the development of our own informational resource, because a time to develop tight human relations has come, said philosopher and political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 4 in his author’s broadcast Destiny.

The political scientist noted that a new era is coming. In this era, what is important is not the number of views of a video, but the number of the people who are seriously interested in the speaker.

He stressed that, starting from this issue, he will only post his video broadcasts on his own resource or at friendly resources that meet his idea of the informational situation.

If one thousand people follow my inconvenient recourse lacking wide publicity, this means one thousand people need me. I thank them, and we will build relations together, which will be deeper than usually, in the new reality. Will there be much more of them? Well, then that is the number of people that need me, Sergey Kurginyan said.

In the new situation, the value of all the rest is zero. This is due to the fact that a “time of tight human relations” has come, the philosopher believes.

All these numbers with their senseless buzzing in the air, all this steam, this gas, this illusive substance, these fogs of millions and millions that no one know where they came from, they do not mean anything anymore, he said.

In the new situation, only cores matter, which can draw this loose informational situation together “into something related to the actions of tomorrow,” and which are capable of a real serious effort for understanding.

Kurginyan stressed that he will follow this approach. “Someone can say I am making a mistake. No problem. If this is a mistake, it will be my mistake, he noted.

What is you proposal, colleagues? Should I rely on our domestically promoted resources? They will not be really promoted in the current situation. Should I try to adapt to this US pattern? This is humiliating and counterproductive. Should I simply keep silence? This is as humiliating and as counterproductive,” the political scientist described the alternatives to the strategy he has chosen.

Therefore, the only way is to invest into one’s own resource “to make you resource capable of resolving your own and nation-wide problems, Kurginyan stressed. We have to work for this resource every day, invest our finance, our work, and our talent into it. “This situation leaves no other options,” the political scientist believes.

He also noted that the common informational field does not seem terrible to him, in contrast to the situation during the first war in Chechnya, when “quite a professional new private TV of Mr. Gusinsky, the NTV, was shooting at the Russian soldiers fighting in Chechnya with its informational machine guns.”

Then, journalists abused the Russian soldiers alleging they were nobody as compared to “heroic” Chechen militants. “This was disgusting. This was terrible. Nothing like that is taking place in the informational space today,” the political scientist stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency