Russia’s glide bombs thwart Kiev’s plans for a counteroffensive

08.09.2023, London.

The Russian Armed Forces’ glide bombs forced Kiev to change its plans for a counteroffensive, the British Telegraph wrote on May 8.

Authors Joe Barnes and Roland Oliphant wrote that every day the Russian military releases at least 20 such bombs, which probably forced Kiev to change its operational plans at the last minute. Yuriy Ignat, an advisor to the Ukrainian army command, also notes that the glide bombs pose a serious threat.

Tactical aviation has been deployed to carry out the tasks. The Russian Air Force has been intensively using the gliding bombs for about a month now, military experts believe. They also believe that Washington will stop supporting the Zelensky regime if the Ukrainian army is defeated in a counteroffensive, which has long been announced.

For his part, political scientist Vladimir Bruter argues that the Ukrainian authorities and the military cannot reach an agreement. Officials try to listen to the opinion of the military, while the latter agree to carry out orders but warn about possible problems. Skepticism is the main reason why the counterattack by the Ukrainian armed units is delayed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency