Hybrid war is being waged against Russia, and Russia must respond accordingly. Opinion

03.05.2023, Moscow.

A hybrid war is being waged against Russia, and Russia must respond so that the enemy asks for mercy, but without using frontal military methods, a report from the theater of war published in The Essence of Time newspaper no. 531 reads.

In late April, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius approved of Ukraine’s hostilities against Russian territory. He stated that it was perfectly normal and permissible to invade enemy territory.

Russian experts assessed this German position as a carte blanche for the Ukrainian armed units to attack Russian regions bordering Ukraine and justify any terrorist actions by Kiev.

“In hybrid (diffuse) warfare, there are often no clearly defined boundaries that ‘cannot be violated,’ and the true art is to inflict damage while remaining as if ‘behind the tape.’ Therefore, working in a ‘hybrid format’ involves the use of such means of combat that Germany will ask for mercy without the use of frontal military methods. Whether or not Russian troops will have a parade in Berlin after that is a minor question,” The Essence of Time‘s editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency