Kurginyan: Russia can lose if it fails to cancel the “yum-yum” society

22.04.2023, Moscow.

If we do not start transforming our “yum-yum” society, Russia can end up in a time of troubles, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to the Metametrica YouTube channel published on April 4.

The political scientist quoted a poem Newspapers by Boris Slutsky.

I was growing up frail and awkward,

I ate in a cheap canteen,

Where a dozen kinds of millet

Was given to students for food.

But I never really cared

What kind of food we were given,

Because the future was looking at me

From those newspaper columns.

Under our spread red banner

We took to our road,

And our stern conscience

Dictated ways to our being.”

Kurginyan reminded about the expression “not by bread alone” addressing the religious community and everyone in general. He asked what we should do after too many rejected this.

What should we do after the de-Christianization that followed the de-communization? What should we do if the leaders of what they call Christianity are praying to some idols? What should we do if this ‘bread alone’ has taken too much over? the philosopher wonders.

The political scientist pointed out a current trend that can be described by phrase “and now it is more important to us to seem what we need, and do not really care what we are.” He added that love can only take place “where you are integrate, where you exist.” In a place where the being is full-fledged, and where happiness is really important.

He asked how we can clean our conscience from these programs and whether there are any tiny seedlings of such a process, and most importantly, who will do this? Kurginyan cited a major analyst who described the society of the USSR in 1980s as a “yum-yum” society , “which one wolf can kill.”

The political scientist noted that if our society fails to transform from this condition, if our national intelligentsia and the people more or less competent in the issues of power fail to work on this doing some organizational projects and programs instead, then the consequences will be terrible.

I am not against any projects or platforms or programs. I simply know that what I am taking about is done differently. If it does not take place differently, we can lose and end up in a time of troubles. Hopefully this will not happen, Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency