FSB releases new information about the terrorist attack against Tatarsky

13.04.2023, Moscow.

The Ukrainian intelligence services, with the help of their agents in the Russian opposition, organized the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, in which a military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was killed. The Russian Federal Security Service [FSB] press service informed on April 13.

It is indicated that after the start of Russia’s special military operation, the heads of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (organization banned in the Russia) Leonid Volkov (this material (information) was produced, distributed and/or sent by foreign agent Leonid Volkov or concerns the activities of a foreign agent Leonid Volkov) and Ivan Zhdanov (this material (information) was produced, distributed and/or sent by foreign agent Ivan Zhdanov or concerns the activities of a foreign agent Ivan Zhdanov) repeatedly stated that it was necessary to conduct subversive activities in Russia in order to change the constitutional order. At the same time, they stressed that such activities should be carried out by all available means.

It was established that Darya Trepova, who carried out the terrorist attack, shared the views of this extremist opposition movement.

FSB established that the second participant in the preparation for the terrorist attack was Yuri Denisov, a citizen of Ukraine. He is a member of a Ukrainian subversive and terrorist group.

It became known that Denisov handed Trepova an explosive device built into a plaster bust of a military correspondent through a delivery service.

Denisov had arrived in Moscow from Kiev via Latvia. He spied on Tatarsky, for which purpose he bought a car and rented an apartment near the military correspondent’s apartment.

The day after the terrorist attack, on April 3, he flew to Turkey via Armenia.

At the moment, the question of putting Denisov on the international wanted list is being solved.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency