FSB: Pentagon is directly involved in planning cyberattacks against Russia

13.04.2023, Moscow.

The US Department of Defense is directly involved in the preparation of hacker attacks against Russia, the Center of Public Relations of the Russian Federal Security Service [FSB] stated on April 13.

“Cyberattacks are being developed with the direct participation of the Pentagon Joint Command in cooperation with international (Anonymous, Silence) and national (Ghost Clan – USA, RedHack – Turkey, GNG – Georgia, Squad 303 – Poland and others) hacker groups,” the statement reads.

The agency noted that it can identify those involved in cyberattacks and intends to bring them to justice.

According to the FSB, a total of more than 5000 hacker attacks have been committed against the critical infrastructure of Russia since the beginning of 2022. The US and NATO countries often use Ukrainian territory to hide their involvement in cyber attacks against Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency