Bundeswehr Inspector: Germany is unable to fulfill its obligations in NATO

13.04.2023, Berlin.

Germany is not able to fulfill in full its NATO obligations at the moment, Bundeswehr Lieutenant General and Inspector Alfons Meis said, Bild newspaper wrote on April 11.

Meis added that the combat readiness of the division, which Germany had promised to provide to NATO by 2025, would be ensured only “in a limited way.” Moreover, the general warned that the combat readiness of all German ground forces could decline due to insufficient funding.

In addition, Germany provides military aid to Ukraine, so the Bundeswehr has to transfer its equipment. Resources are also spent on training Ukrainian soldiers.

“Even if we turn to the reserves of all ground forces now, there is less than 60% of the necessary equipment available,” the general claims.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency