German politician shares his impression that Macron has taken leave of his senses

12.04.2023, Berlin.

German politicians harshly criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements about Taiwan and the need to reduce Europe’s dependence on the USA, BILD newspaper wrote on April 10.

“Macron seems to have taken leave of his senses,” Norbert Röttgen, a foreign policy expert for the CDU/CSU bloc in the Bundestag, told the newspaper.

“While the USA, not France or Germany, largely supports Ukraine and thus protects Europe, Macron demands distance from the USA. While China is now rehearsing an attack on Taiwan, Macron demands rapprochement with China,” the Bundestag deputy continued.

Röttgen called the French president’s remarks “naive and dangerous rhetoric” that weakens and divides. The German politician stressed that the West, that is, Europe and the United States, must present a united front against China rather than act disjointedly.

CDU European affairs expert Christoph Ploß echoes Röttgen’s view. Ploß explained in an interview with Tagesspiegel that this could have fatal consequences if the French president seeks a separate European path.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency