US Democratic Party needs chaos in Israel. Opinion

10.04.2023, Moscow.

The US Democratic Party does not need Israel as a bastion of stability in the Middle East, expert Yevgeniya Shevchenko writes in The Essence of Time newspaper.

The author notes that Washington continues to rely on Israel for its policies in the Middle East. However, the Dems need it “not as an assembling point, but rather as one of the points of chaos.”

“The USA does not benefit from China getting a serious foothold in the Middle East, expanding its resource base and strengthening its economy. It is not in the US interest for the region itself to stabilize and become an independent center of power.

In the end, it is not beneficial for the USA that Russia has opportunities to bypass sanctions and gain allies in the Middle East.

Nor does the current US government need a stable right-wing power in Israel, which is not ready to get involved in the anti-Russian conflict. But more than that, US Democrats do not need any Israel as a stabilizer of the Middle East at all,” writes the author of the article Why Does the US Need a Civil War in Israel, or Who Should Tel Aviv Be Afraid of?

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency