German journalist: Historical upheaval will end in a “digital prison”

05.04.2023, Berlin.

The historical upheaval we are currently witnessing will end in “digital prison” if the masses do not wake up in time, German journalist and author Ernst Wolff said on April 2 in an interview for the independent media platform Apolut.

Wolf says that the existing global financial system is about to collapse. In essence, we are currently witnessing a historic upheaval that will end in a “digital prison.” From the journalist’s point of view, money and information now rule the world.

The author points out that today the world of finance and the digital world are synonymous and closely intertwined. There are numerous cross-ownerships and connections between asset managers, IT companies, and the World Economic Forum. No one hides these connections; the whole transformation is happening openly.

The journalist draws attention to the fact that the Left and the Greens serve the interests of the super-rich and lead the implementation of their ideological programs. Ultimately, it is about the control of humanity, which will be carried out through the control of digital money.


Born in Tianjin, China, Ernst Wolff studied philosophy and history. He then studied at a US university but had to leave the USA after criticizing the Vietnam War.

Wolff became known as a writer, journalist and author of articles and books on the global financial system. Wolff’s books Pillaging the World – the history and politics of the IMF, Financial Tsunami – How the Global Financial System Threatens Us All [German: Finanz-Tsunami – Wie das globale Finanzsystem uns alle bedroht], and Wolff of Wall Street: Ernst Wolff explains the global financial system [German: Wolff of Wall Street: Ernst Wolff erklärt das globale Finanzsystem] became bestsellers. A new book, World Economic Forum: The world power in the Background [German: World Economic Forum: Die Weltmacht im Hintergrund], has recently been published.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency