Russian Foreign Ministry: By joining NATO, Finland lost its autonomy

04.04.2023, Moscow.

The situation in Northern Europe has changed dramatically because of Finland’s accession to NATO, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement published on April 4 reads.

“As a result of the more than doubling of NATO’s line of direct contact with the borders of the Russian Federation, there has been a fundamental change in the situation in the Northern European region,” the document stresses.

The Foreign Ministry notes that this region was previously one of the world’s most stable. NATO has taken yet another step in approaching Russian territory, so Moscow must take various measures to prevent threats to its national security.

The statement stresses that these measures will be not only military-technical in nature. Specific steps by Russia will depend on NATO actions, including what facilities and weapons the alliance will deploy in Finland.

By joining the alliance, Finland gave up the autonomy that had distinguished it for decades. This policy served Finland’s national interest and was essential to confidence-building in the Baltic region.

“That is now a thing of the past. Finland has become one of the small, non-decisive members of the alliance, losing its special voice in international affairs,” the ministry stated.

Finland applied for NATO membership in May 2022 along with Sweden. Turkey opposes Sweden’s accession to the alliance.