Belorussian KGB reveals Kiev’s plan to organize terrorist attack in Grodno

04.04.2023, Grodno.

Ukrainian intelligence service intended to organize a series of attacks involving citizens of Russia and Belorussia in the city of Grodno, said the Belarusian KGB representatives to the channel ONT on April 4.

“Belorussian and Russian citizens, under the guidance of Ukrainian intelligence service, planned a series of attacks in Hrodna, with several targets, including the Consulate General of Russia,” said the Belorussian counterintelligence, “According to the Russian and Belorussian intelligence services, the officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine [GUR], Vyacheslav Rozum, who was recruiting agents directed everything.”

The executors of the planned attacks – Russian citizen Aleksey Kulikov and Belorussian citizen Vadim Patsenko – were detained. They were recruited for GUR by a member of the Russian pro-Western opposition, Daniil Krinari (Kovalevsky), in 2022. The recruiter himself was extradited at the request of the FSB last December.

The TV channel showed footage of the interrogation of Kulikov and Patsenko, in which they confessed that they were preparing an attack on the military registration and enlistment office, a military unit, an oil depot and the Consulate General of Russia in Grodno. They received the task from Vyacheslav Rozum, a GUR officer, who promised them money and help them to leave the country.

After starting the special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev launched terrorist activities in Russia and Beloarussia. Both large civilian objects and individual people undesirable to the Banderites have been targeted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency