Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee: SBU and the pro-Western opposition were behind terrorist attack on Tatarsky

03.04.2023, Moscow.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was behind the organization of the terrorist attack, in which Vladlen Tatarsky was killed. Supporters of Aleksey Navalny (listed as a terrorist and extremist in Russia) were also involved in this attack, the National Anti-Terrorist Committee wrote in a press release on April 3.

“The terrorist act committed on April 2 in St. Petersburg against the well-known journalist Vladlen Tatarsky was planned by the Ukrainian security service with the involvement of agents from among those cooperating with the so-called Anti-Corruption Foundation (organization banned in Russia),” the anti-terrorist committee noted.

The investigation identified the girl who gave Tatarsky the mined statuette. She turned out to be Darya Trepova, a former active supporter of Navalny (included in the list of terrorists and extremists in the Russian Federation).

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency