Expert discusses children’s camps in Ukraine created to wage war against Russia

03.04.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Militarist sports camps for the ideological indoctrination of children in Ukraine were created in the 1930s with the active assistance of Catholic organizations, said one of the authors of the monograph Ukrainism Fedor Kaufman on April 3 on the program Politota and not only.

“The children were strongly indoctrinated. And it turns out that those who underwent this treatment in the early 30s in adolescence may well have been part of these nationalist units during the Great Patriotic War, fought under Bandera, Melnik [Ukrainian nationalists],” the expert said.

Kaufman stressed that Ukrainian nationalists had preserved this “tradition” until today. Active deployment of a network of camps to work with children resumed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In these places, children receive militarist sports training and powerful ideological indoctrination.

The expert stressed that after the Maidan, nationalist organizations received the green light for such work, and Azov (organization banned in the Russian Federation) began actively creating children’s camps.

“They themselves boast – ‘Here, this is the summer shift in 2017,’ and there is not just one camp. It’s a whole network – in Kharkov, Ivano-Frankovsk and other cities,” Kaufman explained.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency