Opinion: Cruelty shown in Bucha is worse than that of the nineteenth century sultans

02.04.2023, Yerevan.

Banderites, at the behest of Americans and Europeans, killed dozens of civilians in the town of Bucha to put blame on the Russian military for these inhuman actions and convince the whole world that Russians are barbarians, Armenian writer of political essays and former editor-in-chief and author of the Sheim.am portal Artem Khachatryan wrote on April 1 on his Facebook page (organization banned in Russia).

The former editor of the “Sheim.am” portal, banned by the Armenian authorities, recalled the story of the painter Eugene Delacroix, who visited the Ottoman sultan, who, to prove to the painter that he was drawing human muscles incorrectly, ordered to behead one of his servants on the spot and on a freshly cut human head and dead body explained to Delacroix how to draw in detail.

This story, Europeans argue, shows Asian barbarism and cruelty, for one cannot take a man’s life to show or prove anything to anyone. “In other words, this is a violation of human rights, and human rights are sacred in the modern West,” Khachatryan noted.

According to the publicist, such actions were forgivable for a sultan in the 19th century. “The West thinks so too. But in the 21st century, we see more terrible things in Western politics,” he said.

He recalled that a year ago there was a shock in Banderite Ukraine over the bodies of Ukrainians found in the town of Bucha, allegedly killed by Russian troops. The political scientist briefly described the essence of the case.

According to the Istanbul agreements, Russian troops will leave Bucha on March 31, 2022. The fleeing Banderite mayor returns to the city, goes on air, and announces that the Russians have left Bucha, the publicist recalled.

“However, three days later, on April 3, neatly laid out corpses appeared in the streets of the city, which could not have been missed on March 31, millions of videos were shot, and it reported worldwide that allegedly the Russians killed these poor townspeople before they left; hence the Russians committed genocide, ‘violated’ human rights and so on,” Khachatryan described the scheme for manipulating public opinion.

As the publicist noted, the world population believes and does not wonder why the Russians suddenly had to kill civilians, or, if they did, why they did not remove the corpses, but carefully laid them out in the streets.

“The reality is that the Banderites, having entered the city after the Russians, shot those people themselves, having previously found out who had welcomed [the special operation] (…), and massacred the townspeople. Then they were advised by the West that the corpses of traitors should be placed in the streets and the events should be blamed on the Russians. More precisely, the murder was carried out exactly according to Western instructions, and there were several rational explanations,” he explained.

The publicist described for what purposes the Banderaites killed so many civilians in Bucha. “First, they needed to punish those who sympathized with the Russians so that it would be a lesson for others,” he stressed.

“Secondly, it had to be done exactly in Bucha, so that Joe Biden could call Vladimir Putin a ‘butcher’ (butcher) the next day; thirdly, it was necessary to bring the hatred of Russians to the maximum,” Khachatryan noted.

And fourth, the Ottoman sultans in the 19th century and earlier were no different from contemporary Western politicians, the publicist is convinced. “More precisely, they were different – for the better,” he added.

According to him, the sultan beheaded a slave in pursuit of the great artist’s professionalism. “And the Americans and Europeans kill dozens of civilians, pursuing vile, inhumane goals – the most immoral, namely, to kill people for the sake of accusing others of it and to convince the world that the Russian barbarians,” the publicist stressed.

He called these goals extremely immoral. “I have repeatedly said that compared to the Anglo-Saxons, the ‘vegetarians’ of Nazi Germany are naughty children. Naturally, the same could be said of the eastern despots,” he added.

“The pogroms and the murder of innocent residents of Bucha are vivid proof of what has been said. Well, think for yourself what an Anglo-Saxon and a Turkish Sultan, Joseph Goebbels is… The development of civilization has not changed anything in the Anglo-Saxons: they remain the same cannibals as they were. Just the meanest, most inhuman qualities of their essence have improved,” Khachatryan concluded.

As a postscript, the publicist noted that the Banderites had turned Bucha into a tourist Mecca. They take foreign guests there, admire the fact that Russians allegedly killed Ukrainians, and conduct anti-Russian propaganda.

According to him, the Ukrainian Nazis do not think about the fact that Bucha will soon be under the control of the Russian army again, and all the details of the massacre will come to light. “Residents will tell us what really happened, who fired the shots, and what criteria were used to select the victims,” Khachatryan noted.

“Then there will be a trial, and the West, if the collective West persists in its current status until then, will demand the urgent release of the killers, accusing the Russians of political persecution and human rights violations,” he added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency