A witness to Tatarsky’s death tells how it happened

02.04.2023, Saint Petersburg.

The explosion in the cafe occurred when war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky looked at a gifted sculpture and set it aside, an eyewitness of the explosion told RIA Novosti on April 2.

According to her, she saw the girl from the back who gave Tatarsky the statue. She said that Vladlen managed to look at the sculpture, put it back, and then there was an explosion.

Today during an event in a cafe on the Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya in St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred. As a result, according to TASS, 25 people were injured, one person died.

It is reported that the deceased was the well-known blogger and war correspondent Maksim Yurievich Fomin, writing under the pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency