Ukrainian Foreign Ministry threatens a Romanian senator with death

24.03.2023, Bucharest.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued death threats against Romanian Senator Diana Șoșoacă for her stance on Ukraine, Șoșoacă wrote on her Facebook page (organization banned in Russia) on March 24.

The senator wrote in response to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which, according to the senator, threatened her with death, that with this abominable attack on her, “Ukraine proves its character as a cruel and fascist state.” Șoșoacă wrote that the threat made by Kiev against her “shows this state’s intention to also physically eliminate those who oppose Kiev’s Nazi policies.”

Șoșoacă noted that no one had given Kiev the right to decide what could happen in the Romanian parliament.

Earlier, Romanian senator Diana Șoșoacă proposed a bill to the Senate that, according to her, took into account the recommendations of US Senate Resolution 148 of 11 June 1991, which said unequivocally that the United States must support the right to self-determination of the people of Moldova and Northern Bukovina.

Diana Șoșoacă registered in the Senate of Romania a bill that suggests breaking the agreement on good neighborly relations with Ukraine and annexation of a part of Ukrainian territories. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded by saying that it would initiate sanctions against Șoșoacă.

In this connection, Șoșoacă asked whether Kiev believed that the USA threatened Ukraine’s national security.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency