German media are engaged in an unprecedented game of confusion, disinformation and agitation. Opinion

23.03.2023, Berlin.

German politicians and the mainstream in the press, radio and television are playing an unprecedented game of confusion combined with misinformation and agitation, former Bavarian administrative court judge Peter Vonnahme wrote on March 23 in an article published on the news platform NachDenkSeiten.

This kind of media work, according to Vonnahme, relies on the simple worldview of the average person. Any incomprehensible situation is being explained according to a simple scheme: Russian President Vladimir Putin is the “bad guy,” which means that Russia is currently responsible for all political crises.

The retired judge notes that this has not always been the case. Germans once gratefully acknowledged that the Soviet Union made it possible for Germany to reunite. Despite the Great Patriotic War and its dire consequences, the Soviet Union became an important partner for Germany.

Germans also understood that the Soviet Union did not blame postwar Germany for the crimes of the Nazi era. Under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, relations between the two countries deepened further, much to the displeasure of the United States.

Vonnahme notes that under US guidance, Russia soon began to be picked on again.

“In the last decade, we Germans were indoctrinated that the Russians were obsessed with war and capable of any outrage. Today that image is deeply embedded in the minds of many people and influences their views … When it comes to finding the culprits, the eyes involuntarily turn to Russia,” Vonnahme writes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency