Danish authorities comment on object found near Nord Stream pipeline

23.03.2023, Copenhagen.

The deep-sea object found near the Nord Stream pipeline, which the Russian president had previously talked about, was there for a long time, as it was thoroughly covered with silt, while it was not in the 2019 video, experts said, citing documents, the Danish newspaper Jyllans-Posten wrote on March 23.

According to the newspaper,  an object recently found near the Nord Stream pipeline is covered with silt. “This follows from correspondence between Danish authorities. The fact that the object is overgrown may indicate that the artifact has been at sea for a long time.”

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that during the examination of the gas pipeline, Gazprom experts found a “pillar” 30 km away from the explosion site. According to the researchers, the device could serve as an antenna, receiving signals, to actuate an explosive mechanism.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency