Russian Defense Ministry: US may be behind Ebola outbreak in Africa

10.03.2023, Moscow.

The Ministry of Health of one of the Central African countries examines the possibility of the artificial spread of Ebola virus by US military biologists, Lieutenant General Igor Kirilov, Commander of the Russian NBC Protection Troops, told journalists on March 10.

“The Ministry of Health of one of the Central African states is studying the possibility of artificial spread of the Ebola virus in September 2022,” Kirillov noted.

According to the Commander of the Russian NBC Protection Troops, the isolated strain “Sudan” was completely identical to the virus that circulated in Africa during the 2012 epidemic, which raised the agency’s concern.

However, Kirillov explained that the version of “negligent handling of pathogens” by US military biologists working in the region is also being considered.

Earlier, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov recalled that in late January 2023, John Kirby, a representative of the United States National Security Council, confirmed the presence of the US biolaboratories in Ukraine, saying that they had allegedly been abandoned by personnel and “deactivated” before the Russian special military operation to denazify Ukraine began. However, according to Kirillov, the United States never deactivated its biolaboratories in Ukraine.

Kirillov gave as an example an official address from David Smith, director of the Kiev office of the Pentagon’s key contractor CH2M HILL, dated December 6, 2022, to Ukrainian institutions that participated in the “Program to Counter Highly Fangerous Pathogens in Ukraine.”

The document reports the continuation of the DTRA biological program in Ukraine, including their further consolidation of collections of dangerous pathogens, as well as the deployment of biorisk management and epidemiological monitoring systems, the Lieutenant General indicated.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency