Nazis in Ukraine go to war to destroy Russia

10.03.2023, Donbass, Russia

The goal of the Ukrainian Nazis is not to protect Ukraine, they crave the annihilation of Russia, Anton Novikov, a hereditary doctor, trauma surgeon and oncologist, said in an interview with the Essence of Time newspaper on 4 March.

Novikov went as a volunteer on a special operation to denazify Ukraine. He said he had provided medical care to the Ukrainian soldiers on several occasions and described their beliefs.

With the Nazis it’s simple. They are not even fighting for Ukraine, they are fighting to destroy Russia. They have no rational thought behind it. They are completely brainwashed,” Novikov said.

Nazi beliefs are typical for Ukrainians of different ages, and not only for young people, the doctor said. According to him, Ukrainian soldiers have absolutely no idea what they are going to do if they achieve their goal of destroying Russia and the Russians.

Ordinary mobilised men are fighting because there is an order. They are the same Russians as we are and they have the same attitude to the military oath. That’s why they fight steadfastly, because there is an order,” Novikov said.

He stressed that in Ukraine mobilised people are also “brainwashed“. That is why Ukrainian recruits arrive to the front in the full confidence that they will soon be near Moscow. The realization of reality comes to them only when soldiers from Ukraine find themselves under attack.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency