Kurginyan explains why the army was reformed under Defense Minister Serdyukov

10.03.2023, Moscow, Russia

For many years, the Russian Army was told that there would be no more major conventional wars in the world. The army was trained only for operations in hot spots, Sergey Kurginyan, a philosopher, political analyst and leader of the Essence of Time movement, said in his closing speech at the presentation of his collective monograph “Ukrainism” on March 4.

Kurginyan recalled that Joseph Diskin, an economist and mathematician, was an advisor to the notorious Russian army reformer Anatoly Serdyukov (2007-2012). On behalf of Serdyukov, he taught members of Russia’s Security Council that there would be no more major wars. This means that the Soviet mobilization systems, the cadre divisions have to be abolished, the branches of the armed forces do not need to practise interaction on the battlefield, etc.

“… there are people here who know Serdyukov’s chief adviser, a former economist for culture <…> his name was Joseph Diskin. He was the one who taught everyone on behalf of Serdyukov that the mobility systems had to be rolled back. That the cadre divisions should be removed, that we should never again think about the interaction of the branches of the armed forces, because there will be no more big wars,” Kurginyan said.

There will be no big wars. There will either be operations in special hotspots or a nuclear war. Did I not heard that? Members of the Security Council were sitting on the Security Council and listening,” he stressed.

However, now there is just such a thing – a big, conventional war – going on in Ukraine. Kurginyan is convinced that Russia will not survive in case of defeat in this war. And so it is necessary to win, in the armed forces it is necessary to achieve absolute cohesion, to restore the training grounds, to train the troops accordingly, to re-learn how the branches of the armed forces interact with each other.

On 4 March, the presentation of a collective monograph, Ukrainism, written by the Aleksandrovskaya Commune under the leadership of Sergey Kurginyan, philosopher, political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement, was held.

Ukrainism” is a political, ideological, religious and metaphysical construct aimed at infusing some Russian people with the kind of hatred towards Russia that is typical for Poland and Catholic Europe. The project has deep historical roots and has been implemented for centuries.

The multi-volume edition of Ukrainism is a substantially revised and expanded reissue of the work of the same name published in 2017. The first two volumes of the multi-volume edition are now published.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency