Drone swarm fights become usual combat practice. Opinion

04.03.2023, Aleksandrovskoye, Russia

Drone swarm combat tactics have already been used in combat practice in the Middle East, Karabakh, and Ukraine, writes columnist Evgeny Gorzhaltsan in an article titled “First World Robot War” published in Issue 522 of the Essence of Time newspaper.

The observer writes that the increase in available air defense means will not help in destroying a larger swarm of drones, and the most modern anti-aircraft guns “will not have enough resources to destroy the swarm – the air-cooled barrels will overheat much earlier.

Evgeny Gorzhaltsan noted that in this connection the creation of air defense systems based on other principles, using high-energy lasers and other emitters of concentrated energy, is actively discussed.

It is worth emphasizing that when discussing the mass use of drones, we are not talking about some weapon of the future, but about current combat practice, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness,” the observer writes.

One of the powerful drone attacks was used by Yemeni Hussites in Saudi Arabia against one of the factories of oil giant Saudi Aramco, “located inside the triangle of American military bases and covered by American Patriot air defense systems“.

And in the second Karabakh war in the fall of 2020, Turkish drones showed an even more sophisticated pattern of combat use.

An even more extensive use of drones – on both sides – is already taking place in front of our eyes during the SMO,” the columnist writes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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