Kurginyan: Putin painfully realizes that the West will not let Russia live “normally”

03.03.2023, Aleksandrovskoye, Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has painfully come to the truth that if Russia is not a great power, it will become an outcast that the West will finish off, said philosopher, analyst, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the air of the Conversation with a Sage program on Radio Zvezda, broadcasted on the YouTube channel on February 24.

As soon as they [Russians] cease to be a great country, they become not a ‘normal country,’ but the very last and beaten outcasts – this is the main thing that [Putin] somehow understood. And I believe that this truth was very painful for Putin,” the political scientist explained.

Kurginyan stressed that the undermining of Nord Stream 2 showed economic warfare in action. And once again confirmed that for the West, “a good Russian is a dead Russian.”

They [Russians] are needed dead, naked, barefoot, robbed and in prison, and in no other way are they needed. And no one cares deeply whether they are ethnically Jewish or someone else – how they speak their languages and what relatives they have abroad. They are Russians, and their place is by the trash can,” Kurginyan pointed to the US and Western attitudes towards Russia.

According to the analyst, the dream of Russia as a “normal” capitalist country that has become an equal part of the West and has abandoned the communist idea dates back to the era of Yuri Andropov.

Normal” country is, according to Kurginyan, the credo of the State Security Committee (KGB) under Andropov. According to the political scientist, to this day some high-ranking officials, when they speak of Russia as a “normal” country, roll the letter “r“: “nor-r-r-normal country, nor-r-normal.” “The neurosis of normality” among the KGB was overwhelming, the expert stressed.

Kurginyan said he knew well some people from the entourage of Vladimir Kryuchkov, the last chairman of the Soviet KGB. Some of them tragically suffered the collapse of the Soviet Union, while others rejoiced: “Now everything will be fine! Well be a normal country!

One of those who wanted “normality” for Russia and were already in demand and wealthy said to Kurginyan at Kryuchkov’s funeral in 2007: “If Putin doesn’t do as well as he should, we should all shoot ourselves for our crimes.

The neurosis of normality” cannot be explained only to a desire to become rich at the expense of the collapse of the USSR, the philosopher believes. There were those who, in his view, sincerely pursued the project and believed that it led to the attractive happiness of this normality.

According to Kurginyan, the project failed when it turned out that the West did not need a “normal” Russia. It happened at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, when the Russian elite was offered to enter Europe “in pieces“. In other words, to enter Europe, it was necessary to tear the country apart. An elite group aligned with the fifth department of the KGB and its head, Philip Bobkov, agreed to break the country apart for the sake of entry into Europe. Other elite groups, conventionally belonging to the third department of the KGB, refused to break the country apart further. Russian President Vladimir Putin was among those who refused, Kurginyan said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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