A scandal erupts in the Czech Republic in connection with the Bandera Party

01.03.2023, Pilsen

The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the organization of a disco called Bandera party in the Czech city of Pilsen. The Českých noviny portal wrote on February 28.

“We are paying due attention to the case of a planned dance party called the Bandera Party, which is to take place in Pilsen. We are currently collecting and evaluating the information on the case,” the Czech police said.

Plans for the Bandera Party were criticized by social media users, who believe that such events preach Nazism.

The organizers, in turn, argue that the Bandera parties are held primarily to support the Ukrainian army. “The money collected for the disco, which took place on January 14, was used to purchase items for the army’s needs: thermal underwear, sleeping bags, tactical gloves, and mats. We also donated personal hygiene products and first aid medicine,” the organizers wrote on social networks.

At the same time, the mayor of Pilsen spoke out against the Bandera event in the city, “I don’t want that in Pilsen! I appeal to all decent owners of restaurants and other entertainment venues not to provide space to the organizers of such events. At the same time, I urge the citizens of Ukraine to behave decently in Pilsen. Bandera was a war criminal, and the Banderites were responsible for the mass murder of the Czechoslovak population. I find such actions unacceptable.”

Earlier it was reported that the special operation of the denazification of Ukraine in 2023, according to polls, is condemned by fewer residents of the Czech Republic than in 2022 (87% of respondents in 2022 vs. 75% in 2023 – Rossa Primavera News Agency‘s note).

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