Orban: Hungary and the sensible part of the world reject sanctions against Russia

18.02.2023, Budapest.

Hungary has joined the sensible part of the world that has rejected sanctions against Russia so as not to destroy its own country, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on February 18 in a speech summarizing the results of the past year.

According to Orban, the Hungarian government is not banning Russian oil, gas and nuclear energy, because “this would destroy Hungary.” And there is a national unity in the country about this.

Thus Hungary maintains economic cooperation with Russia and even advises the entire Western world to do so, “because without ties there will be neither ceasefire nor peace talks.” Moreover, he explained that this is why the country does not agree to include figures of the Orthodox Church on sanctions lists. “It’s bad enough that it can happen to actors and athletes,” the prime minister said.

He stressed that “we are not isolating ourselves from the sensible part of the world,” explaining that “the Hungarian understanding is only an exception in Europe, in the world it is generally accepted.”

From October 14 to December 15 the citizens of Hungary spoke out against the introduction of sanctions against Russia. This was supported by 97% of the country’s population, which was revealed during a national consultation attended by almost 14% of the country’s population.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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