Hope in the Global South, but keep your powder dry. Kurginyan assesses the alliance of the Russian Federation and the South against the West

16.02.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Russia should rely on a pragmatic alliance with the Global South in its confrontation with the West while following the principle “hope in the South, but keep your powder dry.” said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on February 10 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

Drawing a parallel between the confrontation of the USSR with the West during the cold war and the current situation, the political scientist pointed out a fundamental change in the nature of the relations inside the anti-Western community.

That was not an era of pragmatism. The USSR was not only an obvious economic and military strategic leader, it was also an ideological leader, Kurginyan explained. “Where are those common things today? Where is that clarity and that attempt to build everything on common ideological grounds? I do not know whether it is possible, but pragmatism dictates clearly: if the US gives us more that you we will be with them; if you give us more we will be with you.”

The political scientist referred to the example of China, which intends to use the USA as a “milking cow” until China becomes the global leader, and to the example of India, which, being our organic profound ally, nevertheless builds relations with our geopolitical adversaries.

India feels deep respect to the Soviet friendship etc. and to our current relations. Besides, we have no contradictions with India, we have no common border, it is our organic profound ally, Kurginyan noted. “But this ally well looks towards the USA and elsewhere.”

The expert reminded that India is building its military strategic cooperation as well as alliances in innovative technology, weapons, investments, etc.” with its Western partners.

We cannot ignore all this. We cannot ignore the fact that the Arabs have their own interests, too, and that in Africa it is all strongly connected to China, and China dominates today in transforming itself into a global power, the political scientist stressed.

Therefore, Russia should appreciate its cooperation with the Global South, but it should not forget its main goal in the situation when it is now at the forefront of the war against the West.

We should understand one thing: hope in the South, but keep your powder dry. We can hope in the South, we can welcome its more complex policy than that of a perfect US’ lackey, we can acknowledge this and look towards it, we can encourage this and praise our diplomats, our foreign officers, our trade officials, as they are doing a good job, Kurginyan stressed. “But we should remember how unstable it is and that the most important thing is for us to return the place we used to have. Then we will get the best friends possible. Everyone will love use if we are winning. And we can only win if we change our life.

According to the political scientist, in order to win its confrontation with the West Russia needs to systemically move towards its key goal while avoiding the same mistakes that resulted in the defeat of the USSR in the cold war. “The strategic tomorrow, I repeat, is one: put your trust in the South, cooperate with it, be friends with it, improve relations with it, appreciate every tiny piece of its relatively non-lackey policy, but keep your powder dry,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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