Kurginyan tells how to prepare for the coming Ukrainian army spring and summer offensive

31.01.2023, Moscow.

The Russian army today needs to strengthen its morale, to improve its competence and cohesion, and to learn to practice operations on models, said political scientist, philosopher and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to Anna Shafran on the Zvezda radio station published on January 27 on YouTube.

Kurginyan urged to take into account the mistakes that the Iraqi army made during the invasion of the US and their allies and to pay attention, in particular, to the moral and psychological atmosphere in the Iraqi army, including its generals. Kurginyan noted that an optimistic attitude among soldiers is important, and he added that we need to “cheer up our generals by all means including the order ‘Not one step back!’ ”

According to Kurginyan, any discouragement must be stopped as it is only acceptable in peaceful periods, but the 21st century is a century of wars, and this is what we must prepare for. This preparation includes changing the characteristics of the army.

What is the most important thing in any army? First of all, its motivation, i.e. its morale, and the physical capabilities of its personnel. The competence of its personnel and its level of training, the expert noted.

At the same time, Kurginyan pointed out the command and control problem. According to the political scientist, this includes a number of parameters. In particular, it is arms coordination, cohesion, and training on models. The US trained its army for a long time, and this is why they were strong in Iraq. Therefore, the political scientist called for the most serious preparation for the Ukrainian army’s offensive in the coming spring and summer.

Let us train on models and improve coordination in such a manner that they would meet not a Hussein’s army but the Russian army in the best sense of the word. Let them meet such an army and demonstrate the capabilities of their Abrams tanks, Kurginyan stressed.

Besides, the political scientist reminded that Saddam Hussein was not defeated in combat, but he was “outfoxed” as the US reached an agreement with the Iraqi elite that it would not resist. This is why the Iraqi army was defeated not by thousands of Western tanks sent to Iraq, but by billions of dollars and CIA operations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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